Wednesday, February 8, 2012

New way to earn some change!

Sorry for my absence, but I've been extremely busy lately with school! (Graphic Designer with a TON of projects :( ) Anyways, check this out!

This is a fairly new site that you join, and fill out CAPTCHAs for money!
Most of you wont think this is worth it, but I think if you get enough people to sign under your name OR you're a very fast typer, you can earn some nice money. Description below!

Click for a FULL picture!

The picture explains it all. You make an account, sign up with that code (the site's invite only), and you start filling out Captchas in 14 seconds or less! If you're a fast typer and you put a little bit of time into this, you can make a little bit of money!

This sites kind of fun when you're bored, and also helps you master your typing skills!
Give it a try! 

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