Friday, April 13, 2012

Paid The Fastest - Amazing GPT site

Since PrincessGPT went down, I have been searching for a new home. A place where there's a huge community, nice people, some EXTRA ways to earn more cash, and giveaways. Well folks, I have found my new home, Paid the Fastest. There is no other words to describe this site than absolutely amazing.

  • Features
    • The Layout: Paid the Fastest has one of the most easy and user friendly GPT website layouts ever. Everything is laid out for the user to find in a matter of seconds. I can guarantee that this site will NOT look like your ordinary cookie-cutter GPT layouts. This site is beautiful to look at and I'm glad I'm apart of it.
    • Offer Wall Features: This is another thing that made me fall in love with this site even more, the offer wall. Not only are they put into individual categories, but for each offer there is an Offer Rating. This feature tells you how likely you are to get credit for the offer. The meter is color coded so you can what surveys are hot and others that are not. Another feature of the offer wall is the stats. Not only does it tell you how many users that the offer has successfully credited, but it also tells you when it was last approved for someone. Want more? Clicking the 'view more stats' button will bring up a nice little graph to show you completions per day! 
    • Spring Contest: Right now they have a monthly contest going on to see who can do the most surveys. What does the winner receive? A brand new iPad 3. Also for runner ups 2-10, depending what place you come in, will receive Amazon gift cards of different amounts such as: $100, $50, $25, $20....etc. 
    • Jackpots: Everytime you complete an offer that has a little ticket near the info, you will receive an entry into the weekly and monthly jackpot. Right now, just as an example, the jackpots are: Monthly- $502 and Weekly- $490. HUGE money to be earned just for completing normal offers! 
    • Games: Here is yet another way to earn cash and points! Some of the games include: NFL Pick'em (during the NFL seasons), Roulette, Blackjack, Spin the Wheel (will be explained in a second), Higher or Lower, and Checkers. Some of these games are even social, for other online users can be at the same table as you're playing!
      • Spin the Wheel: When you go to redeem prizes for your points you rack up, you can purchase 1 spin for this game for 30 points. Then you load up the game and click spin. Whatever you land on, you win. Prizes include cash and points. A maximum of 5 spins per day are allowed.
    • Raffles: Among all the contests and jackpots, there is yet another way to earn some awesome prizes! Each entry to the raffle costs only 1 point! Each prize will be drawn at the end of the month. Example for this month is a copy of DIABLO III, when it is released of course.
    • Fame: I'm not too sure about this yet, but I do know what the concept behind it is and I think it's pretty cool. Users can vote for other users for things that they have done in the community. At the end of each month, the highest user with the most votes gets a 50% bonus for each offer completed the following month. Simply awesome!
    • Forums: Yes, you read it correctly, forums! No longer will you have to always ask questions through the chat box and hope that another user sees it, you can now post it on the forums for easy public interactions!

I don't know if this has to do with the site, but I have noticed many more offers getting approved over my previous home. I'm just fine with that!

I don't know what else to say about this amazing GPT site, I'm actually surprised that you're still reading this and haven't made an account yet! Which brings me to my next point, the link to sign up.

Please, if this long post helped you make your decision in any way to join Paid the Fastest, please sign up under my link! That would make my time for writing this detailed post defiantly worth it!

Good luck, and happy GPTing!

Click the banner to join Paid the Fastest! 

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Sad day for PrincessGPT'ers!

I am very sad to announce that PrincessGPT is shutting down. After all the amazing contests and payouts that I and the community has received, thank you. 

Thanks to your website, my knowledge and liking for GPT has greatly grown. You were able to prove to me that it was indeed possible to cash out more than just a dollar here or there. I will always miss your box of unique emoticons. I love them!

Thanks also the amazing community of PrincessGPT. Thanks to you guys, not only was I able to learn a ton of tricks and tips (which I posted on this blog btw^_^), but I was also able to make some new friends. 

R.I.P PrincessGPT 2010-2012

*Side note, LOTS of updates coming soon!

Thursday, February 9, 2012

FREE $10!!! This is not a joke.


If anyone wants a free $10, LISTEN UP.

Essentially, this brand new website is a direct clone of Paypal. And in order to show that them as a company are legit, they are giving a free $10 to people who sign up before May 31st, 2012.

All I need is your email. If you're interested, I can get you started!

Couple notes: to recieve the $10, NO CREDIT CARD IS NEEDED, NO BANK ACCOUNT IS NEEDED, NOTHING. In the sign up process, all you have to do is enter the LAST 4 DIGITS OF YOUR SSN, which I put some fake numbers in and it worked.

Interested? It's totally legit. After you verify you're email, you get the $10 sent to your account in a few hours!

Just email me at:

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

New way to earn some change!

Sorry for my absence, but I've been extremely busy lately with school! (Graphic Designer with a TON of projects :( ) Anyways, check this out!

This is a fairly new site that you join, and fill out CAPTCHAs for money!
Most of you wont think this is worth it, but I think if you get enough people to sign under your name OR you're a very fast typer, you can earn some nice money. Description below!

Click for a FULL picture!

The picture explains it all. You make an account, sign up with that code (the site's invite only), and you start filling out Captchas in 14 seconds or less! If you're a fast typer and you put a little bit of time into this, you can make a little bit of money!

This sites kind of fun when you're bored, and also helps you master your typing skills!
Give it a try! 

Wednesday, January 4, 2012


Happy New Years GPT world!!!

This is a simple, but really helpful tip. Make a new email for every survey you complete. This sounds like alot, but Yahoo! Mail accounts take 30 seconds to make! Making a new email after every survey will almost guarantee a credit if you complete the survey the correct way. This is because many of the companies submitting the surveys to GPT sites use the same paths. Thus, participating on the same ads on the paths for multiple surveys with the same email, wont credit participation.

Ex. Pet Meds or whatever its called: Enter your name, last name, birthday and email. If you complete that for one survey then complete it for another with the same email, participation wont count for that second survey and you will most likely not get credit for the survey.
Make new emails very often, you'll be surprised at how much more surveys you will receive credit for!