Thursday, April 5, 2012

Sad day for PrincessGPT'ers!

I am very sad to announce that PrincessGPT is shutting down. After all the amazing contests and payouts that I and the community has received, thank you. 

Thanks to your website, my knowledge and liking for GPT has greatly grown. You were able to prove to me that it was indeed possible to cash out more than just a dollar here or there. I will always miss your box of unique emoticons. I love them!

Thanks also the amazing community of PrincessGPT. Thanks to you guys, not only was I able to learn a ton of tricks and tips (which I posted on this blog btw^_^), but I was also able to make some new friends. 

R.I.P PrincessGPT 2010-2012

*Side note, LOTS of updates coming soon!

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